We originally wanted to put a complete evidence inventory in The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case: A Critical Analysis of the Trial of Bruno Richard Hauptmann, but considerations of space and length prevented us from putting the inventory between the covers of the book. We had already prepared the inventory and had actually gotten it camera-ready for the printer, but it was not to be. Set forth below is the inventory we would have included in the book if there had been enough space. The inventory is keyed to the pages of the original transcript and tries to set forth where the evidence was referred to in the testimony of each witness who testified concerning the evidence. The evidentiary numbering system used by the court was poor, and we had trouble tracking the evidence down. there are certainly errors in the inventory set forth below. It did not go through the copy editing process the rest of the manuscript was subjected to. If any reader finds an error, please notify us and we we do our best to correct it. 

The only part of the inventory which might be unintelligible is the column headed MOD. This refers to the various proof modules into which we divided the trial. The proof modules are thoroughly discussed in the text of the book.

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