Saturday, February 25, 2017


I'm between books right now, just having gotten the proof pages and index for Prairie Defender back to the publisher, and not quite being cranked up to jump on the big research project for my next book (working title--Attorney Generals: Martial Lawyers of the Civil War), so I decided to do a little experiment. I gathered together all the vignettes I have ever written about any of my cases and put them into book form and self-published them on The project took all weekend, and the finished product turned out to be a 130 page paperback and an ebook. Both books are now on sale on the Amazon website. If the book is well-received, I might be motivated to write some more stories about some of my other cases. Here's the table of contents from the paperback:

Introduction, 1
Chapter1: Deciding to Become a Lawyer, 4
Chapter 2: My First Murder Case, 9
Chapter 3: The Ballad of the Blind Victim, 21
Chapter 4: My First Capital Murder Case, 27
Chapter 5: The Wrong Man Murder, 37
Chapter 6: The Risks Associated with Being a Prosecutor, 41
Chapter 7: My Second Capital Murder Case, 49
Chapter 8: Genuine Self-Defense, 55
Chapter 9: Memories of Murder Weapons, 60
Chapter 10: Taxicab Confessions, 64
Chapter 11: Police Shootings, 71
Chapter 12: The “He Ran His Hand in His Pocket” Defense to a Charge of Murder, 77
Chapter 13: The Prosecutor’s Dictionary, 82
Chapter 14: Men Who Kill Police Officers, 87
Chapter 15: Jury Duty, 90
Chapter 16: Jurors and Jury Selection, 94
Chapter 17: Remembering 9-11, 97
Chapter 18: Thoughts on Police Shootings, 100
Chapter 19: The Hard Witnesses, 105
Chapter 20: Friday Night Fights, 111
Chapter 21: Ted Bundy—Celebrity Slayer, 114

Here's a link to the PAPERBACK;
and here's a link to the EBOOK.