Wednesday, July 6, 2016


The following essay on the upcoming Presidential Election is purely how things look to me based on what I have seen in the media. I could be absolutely wrong, and I hope and pray that I am. I am not going to recite a litany of examples that tend to back up my opinion,[1] I’m simply going to state my opinion: 

When Donald Trump first started having success in the primaries I prognosticated that he would do for the Republican Party what he did for the USFL—that is destroy it.[2] It is beginning to look like he’s going to do for the USA what he did for the USFL. I can see no hope for the endgame in the current presidential election. We have one of two choices—Goofus or the Gangster. The chances that Goofus will get himself elected are vanishingly small, and they get smaller with each time he opens his mouth. But each time he opens his mouth he increases the odds that the Gangster will become president, and then God help us all. Of course, if Goofus should by some miraculous series of unfortunate events get himself elected, then God help us all.

One small glimmer of hope I see, and it isn’t much, is that during his first year in office Goofus will so thoroughly muck things up that he will get impeached. Or that during her first year in office the Gangster’s venality will become so patently obvious that she will get impeached. 

Three questions beg for an answer. How has Goofus hung on so long to so much of the money he inherited? How has the Gangster escaped indictment for so long? How could the primary voters in the Democratic and Republican Parties have done this to America?

A second small glimmer of hope is that Congress will step up to the plate and prevent whichever one of them who gets elected from doing irreversible harm to America. Which begs another question. How likely is that to happen?

I have agonized over what to do. How should I vote? Here’s my decision. I’m going to study the minor party candidates and try to identify the one who seems to be most rational and reasonable, and I’m going to vote for that one. I know that I will have wasted my vote, but I believe I will waste it voting for either of the major party candidates.

And that’s the way I see it. But I could be wrong.

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