Thursday, July 13, 2017


Jacksonville State Attorney Melissa Nelson has instituted a "Brady-Giglio List" in her office to keep track of problematic issues with law enforcement officers as witnesses. I was interviewed for the Times Union's article on Nelson's list, and the article accurately quoted me. Here it  is: State Attorney’s Office keeping tabs on problematic cops in Jacksonville, across First Coast. Here is the part of the article that I have minor disagreements with:

Bob Dekle, a veteran former prosecutor and law professor emeritus at the University of Florida, said that it has long been “standard practice” for state attorneys to operate without a list of problematic police officers.

“But quite frankly,” Dekle added, “standard practice isn’t best practice.”

(1) I am not a former prosecutor. There are two kinds of former prosecutors (a) defense attorneys, and (b) media pundits like Nancy Grace. I am a retired prosecutor.

(2) I was quoted as saying standard practice isn't best practice. Standard practice quite often is best practice; that's why it's standard practice. What I actually said was "standard practice isn't always the best practice."

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