Wednesday, July 12, 2017


I went back to the law school today and gave a two-hour lecture on Florida Criminal Procedure. I started with the arrest of the defendant and walked the students through a criminal prosecution all the way to the post-conviction. It was, of course a rather superficial overview of the entire field of criminal procedure--just enough to help keep the students from feeling completely lost when confronting the rules.

I enjoyed it. The students were attentive, receptive, and full of questions, and it made me almost wish I was still teaching. Almost, but not quite. I fear that I've gotten too lazy to teach full-time now that I've gotten used to retirement. Teaching full time would get in the way of my many projects: Trying to keep my wife Lane's honeydew list current, building things in my garage workshop, researching and writing books, playing with my grandchildren, volunteering at the church--the days are just packed with things to do.

Still, I love teaching, and I look forward to the next time I get invited to go to Gainesville and give a guest lecture.