Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Last night, while sorting through old papers deciding what to keep and what to throw away, I came upon a treasure trove of very bad poetry that I'm sure I wrote over 30 years ago. Some of it I can remember writing while in college, some of it when I was a public defender, and then there is some that I haven't a clue when I wrote. I decided not to throw it away. Perhaps someday my grandchildren can have a laugh about what an abominable poet their granddad was.
I did write at least one poem that I’m not embarrassed to share. It’s a poem about a football game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Florida State University Seminoles. Perhaps someone can enlighten me as to when the poem was written and who the FSU coach was at the time of the game. I think I know the identity of the coach, but I could be wrong. Anyway, here’s the poem:

The Noles went to Nebraska, And they really went to play.
They fought them to a standstill on that chilly autumn day.

The Huskers were the first to strike, they rolled up fourteen points.
The Noles weren’t beat ‘cause they were just unlimbering their joints.

The Noles came back and scored fifteen. They did just what they oughter.
The Huskers found themselves behind beginning the fourth quarter.

The Noles got three, they did so well, the score was now eighteen.
Nebraska took the ball and ran it down the field so green.

They started on their twenty, and they drove down to the three.
They pushed and fought and scrapped and tried to win the victory.

The Seminoles they bowed their backs and shut the Huskers down,
And they were winners tall and proud when they left Husker town.

The poem makes it painfully obvious that I am no Grantland Rice, but I enjoyed re-reading this piece of doggerel that I penned so long ago. I thought maybe a Seminole fan might get some enjoyment from it, too. Somebody please let me know when this game was played and who coached the FSU team to victory.