Wednesday, June 20, 2012


This Monday I heard from Vic Africano's son, Chris. He had just read The Last Murder and wanted to share his thoughts on the book with me. Vic, who passed away several years ago, was Ted Bundy's defense attorney in the prosecution of the Lake City case. When I wrote about our battle with Vic over seating arrangements for the trial, I said that he wanted to be facing the TV cameras because he was something of a publicity hound. Chris enlightened me as to Vic's real reason for wanting to face the cameras. I'll let him explain it in his own words:

Just wanted to let you know I read your book on the Bundy case, and found it to be well written and factual. It brought back many childhood memories as I grew up during that time and this case affected my childhood in many ways. My one disagreement is that you stated my father was a media hound. He actually disagreed with cameras in the courtroom, as he thought they were a distraction. The reason he kept trying to move is so the camera would quit showing his bald spot in the back. I remember at dinner several times he would complain about it, stating "every time I see myself on TV, the camera is zoomed in on my bald spot". We used to laugh and tease him about this. He was trying to keep the cameras in front of him to hide his bald spot. I guess me and my family were the only ones he mentioned this to.

It turns out Vic wasn't concerned about the cameras getting his face, he just didn't want them to get his bald spot. It's just as well that Vic didn't share this reason with us. I would have teased him unmercifully.

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